The Master’s Craftsman dedicated to my children…

tmc_logoThis is an honor to dedicate this site to all seven of my children from oldest to youngest Joshua Anthony, Natalie Marie, Melissa Lynn, Monica Lee, Julie Ann, Naomi Nicole, and Jesse Wayne Kulesza.

Thank you, Kids for the “Joy” that you all have given me in my life, being your dad is a real honor.

Please forgive me for the mistakes I’ve made as a Dad, nothing was directed at you ever.

The years when you all were small were so joy full in watching you grow up.

The memories are priceless and endless in my mind and half of you are adults now.

The years of coming home from the shop after work and seeing you just as being in many places with you will be in my heart and mind for ever.

Coming in your rooms at night before bed and talking about The Lord Jesus with you that will live for ever.

All these words are a very small part of what I feel inside for you.

Through Out our lives may our focus be The Lord Jesus an his amazing love for us and our love for each other.

Rom. 8:37-39
For he is —— “The Master”
Love, Dad